Columbia Personal Injury Attorneys

An estimated 629,000 workers had an accident on the job in 2013/14. When personal injury occurs in the workplace and because of performance of duty, the employer is obliged by law to compensate the employee who suffered those job related injuries. Some of the injuries likely to be involved in all accidents especially work related include: the head, eyes, skin, spine, lungs and skeleton. Employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to cover the cost for paying benefits to employees who suffer bodily harm. The benefits include medical benefits, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits and permanent total benefits. In case an employee dies out of these job injuries, the program will pay death benefits to dependents. Unless one was injured intentionally or due to the negligence of the employer, the benefits are paid in exchange for the liberty of bringing civil action against the employer.

If you are paid workers’ compensation, then you cannot file a lawsuit but there are some exceptions. If the injury happened at the workplace but was as a result of the negligence of a third party such as a driver or the producer of a defective product, you can sue them. It is a prudent action to seek legal advice when one suffers job related injuries. The benefits provided by workers compensation may be enough for injuries only but in case of temporary or permanent disability the compensation will be low. This calls for hiring of a work related injury lawyer to help you navigate the tricky lawsuits for compensation. Reasons for why you need a Personal Injury Attorney include, but not limited to these basic guidelines;

  1. It saves you time and stress . Since you do not have the daunting task of preparing all the legal documents required for a settlement or even a lawsuit, it means your case will be dealt with quickly and on time. It will be the task of the attorney to ask for compensation on your behalf now. This will give you time to heal and recover from the traumatic experience.


  1. Job injury attorneys have the knowledge required to handle your case. Unlike you, it is their field of expertise hence they have all the experience of handling your case. If you chose the right lawyer, they will ensure you receive 100 %compensation.


  1. Only a qualified job injury lawyer is informed and sure of the steps and decision you should take. They know your rights and will ensure that every decision you make is in accordance with the law. This will ensure that the other party will not find you at fault and it will boost your case.


  1. A job injury attorney will boost your chances of winning the case and getting you the compensation you need. They will gather the evidence and produce it in court especially if your employer disputes your claim for compensation. Remember the injuries can be life changing ones especially if they are severe. If your injury will keep you from work permanently, a job injury lawyer will advise and help you to file for social security benefits.