Columbia Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter how small or large, even if you make a mistake we believe your life is precious.  We understand “Nobody is Perfect” and you still have rights that should be protected.  Our defense team is ready to stand on your side and help you obtain a successful outcome.

Columbia Criminal Lawyers - Columbia DUI Attorney

  • Our Criminal attorneys primary focus is in criminal defense and have extensive experience in South Carolina criminal law
  • Columbia Judges and prosecutors respect and know them. It is understood that we have a duty to be dedicated at the job of protecting your rights even if you are guilty.
  • The criminal defense team has the reputation of honestly and professionally putting forth all the effort available and as needed to get the most positive results for your legal issues.

Please do not make the legal mistake of pleading guilty. Contact us today! It is commendable that you are willing to take responsibility of any mistake you may have made, but you still have rights under the laws of South Carolina and we believe there is no reason you should have a worse outcome because of your willingness to be responsible and remorseful than someone who is not. Let our defense team shelter your from very complicated and sever legal outcome from prosecuting attorneys that are not on your side.

Need a Free Consultation with a Columbia DUI Attorney?

Let us explain how we will aggressively defend you against harsh State mandated DUI penalties. Our Attorneys can discuss possible defenses that might apply to your particular charge and circumstances. Criminal charges of drunk driving and the risk of having a DUI citation in your record can put severe stresses and tough outcomes on your future. Our DUI attorneys have the compassion, understanding and willingness to help you and defend you in the difficult and challenging court proceedings. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome and to your future success.

Protection and help is available for these Criminal Defense areas of expertise:

  • DUI, DWI & Traffic Defense
  • State & Federal Appeals
  • Drug Crimes
  • Expungements
  • Parole and Probation
  • Federal Crimes Defense
  • White-Collar Crimes Defense
  • Drug Crimes Defense
  • Violent Crimes Defense
  • Sex Crimes Defense